Saturday, August 27, 2011

what came next.. oh yeah, THE move

So, here we are fast forward to 2010. We are saving and getting ready to move... Not too much exciting things happen. We say our goodbyes. we visit our favorite places> November of 2009 we DID take a trip to Seattle to see if we would really like the place. We fell in love. It was like a city, made just for us. It's relaxed, its fun, its natural. The really weird, yet funny thing, is that while we were here, there was a HUGE storm. There was thunder, There was lightening. There was rain, it was AMAZING to see. (ever since we have been living here, have NEVER seen another storm.)

The big day comes. We go get the budget truck. Load it up. And hit the road. Right off the bat, it was great. We were doing this! And then, well, you cant have a huge move without a little drama, right? looking back now, these things are funny. so we can laugh. and we have stories to tell. But that weekend, it was STRESSFUL!
to start, we really think the guy wanted to get rid of the truck he rented us. We did a rent and return at another location. The truck we were rented didn't even say budget on the side. And when we returned it here, in puyallup, wa the lady said the same thing. We decided to drive at night, since we were towing the car and had to drive slow... So, we head up into the mountains. The first steep hill, the brakes did a shake thing. you hit the brakes, and the whole steering wheel would gyrate. NOT GOOD. but we kept on truckin...
we hit Weed CA at about 5am. The weather starts getting windy, and snow flurries are visible. So we decide on staying the rest of the day, and getting some rest.

Then, its starts SNOWING. hard. We get caught in this freak snowstorm that lasts for approx 15hours. Mind you, I just wanted to rest for about 3 or 4 and keep going. We are trapped here. its wet, its snowing, and we go to McDonalds...

So, by now, its slushy snow. We could not take the car off the trailer, so we just left it on. Backing up and turning in a parking lot with a 10ft truck and car trailer is hard enough in DRY weather, but for this day, it was HORRIBLE. about 2 feet of slushy snow, and the parking lot was packed. I was supposed to get out and give Joe directions, but everytime he tried to turn, or go forward or back, he would slide in deeper and more toward the cars. I WAS FREAKING OUT. ask him. All I could see in my mind's eye was the truck sliding into the light pole and we would be screwed.

The AMAZING man that he is, he got us out of there. I still dont know how. He has proven time and time again that he is a really really good driver. We headed back to the hotel, I took a nap, and we waited. A few hours later, the sun came out, and all the snow melted. He woke me up, and said "look out the window" there was dry pavement. Sun shining. So we decided to get back on the road before it was too late.
We stopped at a gas station at the base of the biggest climb on the journey. The ashland mountain is the worst. I KNOW its the highest point on I-5 and its 4310 feet.

We checked the fluids, and guess what? the truck was out of oil. I always though when you rented a car or truck, they checked all that for you and made sure things were good to go. Guess I thought wrong.. So, we bought a few quarts of oil, and decided to unhitch the car for the massive climb up the hill. Later, we realized this was a great idea.

We get back on the road and start the climb. Joe is driving the big truck, I am in the car behind.
He starts climbing, and starts slowing down. 45mph.. 35mph.. 25mph.. 15mph.. later he told me (and we would find out on ANY sort of hill we tried to climb) that the truck just simply lost power. He had the pedal to the floor and it would not go very fast. It would kick up and redline, but not go faster. We crest the hill, and start going down. Its a very long, steep downgrade. He told me later, that everytime he stepped on the brakes to keep the truck slower, it would shake. Like the truck was going to fishtail. He said he smoked a whole pack of smokes on that downgrade. It was the scariest moment of his life. And I believe it.

We make it down the hill and finally to my parents' house. It is the halfway point. We pull in, and the first words are "give us a beer!" we were Exhausted! Halfway to our new home! Time for dinner and beers.

To pick up where I left off...

For starters, No more black background. We are travelers, we are do-ers, and we are shakers... I think the world map is more fitting..

SO, I was looking through posts, and I still had braces! I got them off in December of 2009. I was fitted for a retainer. Two weeks later I lost that retainer. (I still have NO idea how he got it)
Apparently (and I didn't KNOW for sure until spring) I had gotten up to go to the bathroom. I took the retainer out and laid it on my nightstand. Booda had gotten it and taken it to the back yard and chewed it up. The bad thing, is that it was winter time, and there was 2 feet of snow on the ground. So, it was a mystery for about three months. Because When I came out of the bathroom, he was next to the door. He must have grabbed that thing and TOOK OFF.

new me with no braces. woo hoo.

At this point, we were living with Ninnie. The lady that owned our house was wanting to sell, and some things had come down at work. So Joe and I had a long discussion about where our lives were going and what we were going to do... I still can't remember HOW Seattle was brought up, but it had to do with a good friend that lived near there. We decided to take a leap of faith, and move.. So Ninnie opened her home to us for about 6 months. We were saving and prepping and getting so excited... April 1st was the big day. We put in our notices, Rented the worst Piece of Crap truck (this was not known until we were on the road) and moved 700 miles away. We sold EVERYTHING to make room since we did not want to make more than one trip, and we even sold our jeep. (so we could ride together and I don't think it would have made it!)
tomorrow, I will tell you about the trip!

Ready for some stories??

alright pals. Its time to keep you in the loop. I cant post every story on facebook, nor can I tell it 100 times, So I am BACK to blogging...
I think its been awhile, so let me fill you in...

It looks like the last time I blogged it was 2009.. It is now 2011. Did two years really just go by?
In the last two years I (and I will often say WE, as in Joseph and I)
have moved from the amazing house to bunking with my Grandma Ninnie.
then have moved 700 miles away to SEATTLE Wa
I have gotten engaged, and also Married.
REALLY taken of in my business.
and lots of little things in between.

Pardon me, while I see how far back I need to "recap"......

Friday, April 03, 2009

it is supposed to be spring!

I woke up this morning, and there was about an inch of snow on the ground. What the heck man? I thought we were supposed to be in springtime. You know, the new flowers, the birds singing, the capri weather? This stinks! We did BBQ three days last week, and ate dinner outside. Still working on the backyard. Sunday, We cut down a dead tree from the backyard. Then, we decided to make lots of plans to make it nice outside. Lets see how long we stick to it, because I KNOW when it gets really warm outside, i am going to abandon ship! I hope next weekend we can make a weekend trip to Oregon to visit family. That would be fun, because its a fun little road trip. I will throw some sandwiches in the cooler, fill up the gas tank, and GO!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

another day, another dollar, oh, wait, i am off today. Okay. another day, another days' worth of chores. TODAY is the day i get to use my new dryer. (yesterday i ended up napping on the couch. man how i love naps!) i have also got to clean up some things we are going to post onto the ole craigslist. (de-junking the place i call it!) there is so much stuff on the racks over the garage door, that it is slightly bent. like an unused fish tank, a BUNCH of dvd cases, Oh and this slot machine i though i could fix. well, its not over the garage door, but it is taking up precious space. When the weather stays nice for a few days in a row, i plan on spring cleaning. We have so many cobwebs it looks like we live in the adams family mansion.
once again, not too much to report on. We havent been able to take any trips, becuase everytime we WANT to, it starts snowing.. But this spring/summer? you bet! i have LOTS of plans. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

gunna conquer the day?

I feel sleepy. it is probably because Booda and I slept in until Noon today. After working nights this week, i was just too exhausted to do anything else.
Good new though, our new dryer came! yes, our landlord replaced the 20-year old energy HOG. I had to wait for the delivery guys Saturday. (I'm positive that's why i am so tired!) They brought it in and set it all up, which was great. i really didn't want to try to take that thing down the stairs. today, i am EXCITED to do laundry! (yeah, remind me in about 6 months) Not much else going on except its sorta nice today. the last two days were freezing and snowing! right after all that praise about the great weather. I think later today we will brave the cold, and cut down a tree in the back yard. Its ugly and killing another tree, so we are going to chop it up for camping firewood.
oh, and i got my surgery paperwork in the mail last week. It is getting scary now. I have been having alot of weird dreams about the surgery. But i am also excited and anxious to get this all over and done with. June 17th!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hope today is another great day!

Yesterday was WONDERFUL! it was about 65 (well, it felt that to me!) and it was sunny and warm. Blue skies, and just a perfect day! I ended up opening the windows to let the fresh air in (as well as the songs the birds were singing) Yes, i really hope spring is here at last!
here in the good ole Nevada, we don't get spring or fall really. It goes from 45 degree weather one day, to 90 degree weather the next. When you have 90 degree weather two or three days in a row, that's when "spring" is here. We go from winter to summer, and summer to winter just like that (snap of the finger)... I have gotten some overtime days, so I have been kind of busy. Plus, I made all my Easter cards, and then started on some really neat birthday cards. I had borrowed some stamp sets from my Nana, and I have been antsy every day to play with them. When I find a card I really like, I try to make at least 10 of that card. (just in case i need to sell a bunch) I just received a stamp set that enables me to make cards for little boys and girls. The stamps have an alligator, an elephant, a giraffe, and a penguin. I had originally gotten them to do baby shower invites and announcements, but then realized that i could make b-day cards too. On another note, we are HOPING to be able to take a trip sometime soon. Sorta getting cabin fever here cooped up in the house. Maybe a day trip to Tahoe? I would love to take another trip to Sacramento. I really like old town. First though, we need to make sure it wont snow on us over the pass!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cool Website

I found this cool website through a friend of mine. She had posted a comic on her Myspace, and it was pretty funny. I am always trying to find fun new things, so i went to the site, and they do Daily comics. Some are VERY lewd or crude, but then some are really funny! i saved a ton of them (not knowing what i will do with them, but thats how most of my folders are) and i guess i will share them with you on a semi-daily basis.
Not much to do today. going to finish up projects i started yesterday. The dishes are clean, and the floors are vacuumed, so i guess its a freebie. Tomorrow, i have to go back to work, and start our new schedule. (no more week off every month) but we work 3 on, 4 off. not too bad.
its off to refill my coffee, and clean off my desk. Ta-Ta for now!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

busy little bee...

(bday cards i made to put into my store)

when i logged in, i noticed that it has been since feb 16th since i last posted. Sorry! Its been really crazy around here with trying to work, and then the card orders are going out like crazy (which i cannot complain about at all!)

I made about 50 valentines cards...

then i made just 10 St Patty's Day cards (they were kind of hard because its such a different holiday)

And then Easter card orders came ROLLIN in. I have 50 ordered, so i tried to make about 60 -75 so people had a choice.

To see all the cards I have been working on, check out my Gallery

Every day off (that i dont have chores) have been spent hunched over my desk creating stuff.
after easter I dont really have that much to make, so i decided i want to take up knitting. That way when we are watching a movie, or if i am watching Joe play video games, i will have something to do with my hands. I also NEED to get my scrapbooking going for the fun stuff we have done. (the concerts, and all the trips we took) Sheesh. My to-do list is always a mile long... but like my mom says "its alwasy like that!" I amreally wishing for spring. Last night we did BBQ some steaks. It was great to pull out the ole BBQ, dust it off, and FIRE IT UP! the steaks were delicious! We have been trying to keep the backyard clean, so when that great time comes around when you can go outside and not freeze to death, we can enjoy it. Not too much goes on here, until it thaws out a bit.